Thursday, August 27, 2009

Solamente Dos Semanas Hasta Peru!

It’s hard to believe that after 8 months of the relatively arduous Peace Corps application process and anxious waiting, everything is finalized and I will be departing for Peru very soon. Given the pressure to chronicle this adventure, I finally gave in and decided to start up a personal blog. As self absorbed as I feel blogs can be, in all honestly it is probably the only way I will be able to update and stay in touch with many of you. So here I go…

After two and a half weeks back in Rochester - cherishing the remaining hot showers, delicious home cooked meals and the company of friends and family - I realize I have only two more weeks in the US before I embark on a new adventure. Should I start cramming in a list of everything I could possibly miss in the next 2 years before leaving the country…but how does anyone even go about doing that?

At the crack of dawn on September 10, I will catch a flight to Washington, DC for Staging (aka pre-departure orientation). There I will meet up with the new group of Peace Corps Trainees heading to Peru for the next 27 months. One long day of orientation and then I finally depart for Lima, Peru on September 11 (and yes I realized the other day that I am flying on 9/11, hope none of you are too superstitious and concerned)

Short post for now…but to be continued!

Hasta luego,


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  1. In my opinion, flying on 9/11 is far superior to flying on 2/17...