Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rally Vicco

The end of June celebrated the “world-renowned” event, the 2nd annual Rally Vicco, highest Rally car race in the world! (Peruvians from the department of Pasco will take any opportunity to brag that it has an event that is the highest in the world…highest city, highest marathon, highest Rally car race…you get the idea). From day one at site (actually day zero? during our field based training/site visit before the end of pre-service training), I heard people from the town of a fellow PCV, enthusiastically advertise their version of Rally car racing. As with any Peruvian celebration, it was a multiple day event with variations on car racing, including a extreme off-road race track. When I attended the event with the other PCVs, we staked out a location for prime-viewing of the long distance race through town and onto the nearby highway. We held our breath every time a car approached because we had a view of the ridiculously dangerous section of the race where the drivers speeding down a straight highway had to skillfully make a 90 degree turn onto a narrow bridge. It was honestly a disaster waiting to happen. Fortunately as far as I know, there were no deaths. I never in my life expected to see this during my Peace Corps service, in a small rural town where a fellow PCV was placed, but hey, there are always surprises.

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