Monday, December 27, 2010

Kids-to-Kids: Join and Vote!

One of my current projects is looking to built a greenhouse at the high school to promote hands-on-experience with growing vegetables, trees and flowers - something that is very difficult given the climate without the use of a greenhouse. The principal of the high school tried to get funding unsuccessfully in previous years, so I looked for a grant opportunity. I came across a really interesting organization called Kids-to-Kids, which is a World Connect Program that connects children in the US to enable them to support projects for children in developing countries. Members of Kids-to-Kids fundraise and donate money to be complete proposed projects of various Peace Corps Volunteers in a number of different countries, deciding which project to support by a bi-annual voting process.

I decided to apply and my project is in the running for the voting process in December. If you would like to support me and my community, become a Kids-to-Kids member by visiting their website and vote for my project "The Green Thumb Project" by searching the list. This voting cycle ends December 31st. Thank you! The children and members of my community would be very appreciate of your help!

Hasta luego,

Project: The Green Thumb Project
Grant Request: $494
Country: Peru

Status: Vote Now
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Our community is located above the tree-line in the Andes Mountains at 4100 meters (14,000 feet) above sea-level, meaning it is extremely challenging to grow trees and vegetables without a green-house. As a result, the nearly tree-less grassland leaves no escape from the strong solar rays in the high elevation site near the equator and there are problems with malnutrition in a community that solely grows and consumes a large amount of potatoes.

The "Green-Thumb Project" aims to build a greenhouse in the high school in my community to provide the students an fun, educational opportunity to work on forestation projects and to promote health by growing a vegetable garden for a more nutritious diet.

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